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SUNY Plattsburgh, Clinton Community College Launch Dual Admissions Program

signing joint agreement

A new dual admissions program at SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College will help students seamlessly move from two-year to a four-year degree programs at the North Country institutions, an initiative set to boost enrollment and provide other supports to assist in degree completion.

Beginning this fall, students applying to Clinton may choose a dual admission application to SUNY Plattsburgh at the same time. The dual-admitted students will not need to reapply in two years. Students progressing to SUNY Plattsburgh will not be required to pay an admissions deposit or other application fees. Records will be forwarded to SUNY Plattsburgh with no fees attached.

Students will earn an associate's degree from Clinton Community College and a bachelor's degree from SUNY Plattsburgh after completing each academic program's requirements.

enyedi kowal"This partnership will support a high quality student experience and establish a strong connection from the beginning of the educational journey," said SUNY Plattsburgh President Alexander Enyedi. "A common bond of both institutions is our service to the North Country region and making higher education more accessible and attainable for all students. This agreement is another step in advancing that goal and creating a clear pathway to success."

To support dual-admitted students, an admissions/transfer adviser will be assigned to assist them while they are still enrolled at Clinton Community College. Advisers from both campuses will be designated for students, including access to professional and program advisers from SUNY Plattsburgh while students are at Clinton Community College.

"The establishment of this dual admission program reflects the strong shared commitment of the two colleges to providing outstanding educational experiences for our students," said Clinton Community College Administrator in Charge and Vice President for Academic Affairs John Kowal.

Dual-admitted students must meet admission and degree progression requirements to remain eligible to advance to SUNY Plattsburgh. Program-specific requirements for selected majors will also apply.

For details on Clinton Community College, go to clinton.edu/admissions, email [email protected], or call 800-552-1160 or 518-562-4170.

To learn more about SUNY Plattsburgh, go to plattsburgh.edu/admissions, email [email protected], or call 888-673-0012 or 518-564-2040.

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