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Suit-Up Gives Students Chance to Build Professional Wardrobe

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The Career Development Center, in collaboration with JCPenney, will host Suit-Up, an exclusive shopping event for SUNY Plattsburgh students, Sunday, Sept. 26 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The in-person event will allow SUNY Plattsburgh students the chance to purchase professional attire, whether it is select dress apparel, shoes or accessories, at up to 60 percent off ticketed prices.“

First impressions in job interviews and internships are important. Unfortunately, professional clothing can be expensive,” said Morgan Pellerin, assistant director of the Career Development Center, and organizer of this event. “The Suit-Up event with JCPenney allows students to begin developing their professional wardrobe at a significantly reduced price.”

The SA shuttle will be available for students to take to the mall for the Suit-Up event.

Leading up to the Suit-Up event, the Career Development Center is offering the Suit-Up Scholarship, a contest to receive a JCPenney gift certificate to use for the event. To be eligible, students must have completed four of the following items:

  • Activated your Handshake Account
  • Completed your Handshake profile
  • Attended the Part-Time Job Fest on 9/1
  • Attended the Student Involvement Fair on 9/13
  • Met with Academic Advisor or another academic support member
  • Attended the job search workshop for international students on 9/21
  • Attended a club or student organization meeting
  • Met with a career counselor about resumes

For more information, including registration for Suit-Up in Handshake or and to sign up for the Suit-Up Scholarship contest, visit https://www.plattsburgh.edu/plattslife/careers/events.html or call 518-564-2071.

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