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State Regs Offer More Opportunity to Gain Certificate in Secondary Special Education

Changes at the state level have resulted in the opportunity for more educators to earn teaching certificates in special education, grades 7-12, through revised programs at colleges like SUNY Plattsburgh.

The changes were made because the state needed more special education teachers in secondary schools, according Cindy McCarty, lecturer and leader of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Master of Science in special education program.

“The New York State Education Department saw that there was going to be a severe shortage of appropriately certified teachers,” McCarty said. “This change will help to fill that need by opening the doors to more individuals.”

Previously, candidates wishing to be certified to teach special education at the secondary school level had to first hold a specialized certificate in other content areas like physics, chemistry, math or language. Those individuals worked to obtain a Students with Disabilities, 7-12, content-specific teaching certificate.

These certificates are still available, but now the New York State Board of Regents has established a new Students with Disabilities Adolescence 7-12 (Generalist) certificate. This certificate allows candidates who do not hold specialized certificates to become consultant teachers, resource room service providers or integrated co-teachers.

To meet the new requirements, SUNY Plattsburgh has revised its special education, grades 7-12, graduate degree program.

The new program requires candidates to take six credits in mathematics, science, social studies and English language arts —at either the undergraduate or graduate level — and be trained in the art of teaching within these content areas.

Additionally, the revised program requires candidates to take an adaptive technology course, ensuring that teachers understand how to use technology to adapt instruction for individual needs and to motivate students.

For more information on this program and to register, contact SUNY Plattsburgh’s Office of Graduate Admissions at 518- 564-GRAD (4723) or [email protected].

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