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Registration Open for 2014 Summer Sessions

Some students will analyze the war on drugs while others learn to perform on-camera. Some will examine diversity through film while others study society’s impact on personal wellness.

These courses in criminal justice, communication studies, interdisciplinary studies and physical education are just a sample of the more than 200 courses being offered across more than 40 departments during SUNY Plattsburgh’s 2014 summer sessions.

More than 125 of these are online courses, and all are guaranteed.

Courses are offered in three sessions. Session A runs from May 27 to June 6, allowing students to complete up to three credit hours by early June. This is followed by two five-week sessions. Session B runs from June 9 to July 11, and Session C from July 14 to August 15.

Students do not have to be enrolled in a degree program at SUNY Plattsburgh in order to take a summer course. For information, call 518-564-2100.

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