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New Book Looks at Society's Acceptance of Derogatory Language

A new book by SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dr. J.W. Wiley examines the use of words like “nigger” in everyday language.

In “The Nigger in You,” the director of the college’s Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion discusses how such terms are no longer used just as slurs, meant to disparage people; they are also used as terms of endearment. The book questions why individuals have allowed themselves to be stigmatized by derogatory language.

Using personal stories, commentary on current affairs and his own experiences as a black man to make his case, Wiley asks readers to become leaders and help create a world in which differences are respected and validated.

“This book is inspiring, challenging, informative and a timeless resource for educators, parents and community leaders,” wrote Founder/Director of the White Privilege Conference Eddie Moore Jr. “It's the real deal. You'll learn something every time you read it.”

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