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Applications Sought for Master Teacher Initiative

The State University of New York is looking for North Country teachers in the fields of science, math and technology to take part in the state’s new Master Teacher Program.

The program is designed to identify, reward and support master teachers, while helping them serve as mentors and content experts helping others in their field.

For their participation, those accepted into the program will receive a $15,000 stipend each year for the next four years. They will engage in peer mentoring and intensive content-oriented professional development, and they will work closely with pre-service and early career teachers to foster a supportive environment for the next generation of science, technology and math teachers.

To be eligible for the program, teachers must be certified, have a minimum of four years teaching experience and be currently teaching in the state. At least 60 percent of their course load must be in teaching science or math to students in grades 6 through 12.

Future applicants will also have to be rated “highly-effective.” However, this requirement was waived for the fall of 2013 because ratings may not be available.

Applicants are required to submit undergraduate and graduate transcripts, current resumes, personal statements, their most recent observation report and, if it is available, their Annual Professional Performance Review score. In addition, submission of Praxis II exam scores is recommend but not required.

Applications are due Aug. 1.

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