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Faculty Senate Policies


The Policies of the Board of Trustees

Article X.5(a)(b) provide for the establishment of Faculty Bylaws:

  1. The faculty of each college shall prepare and adopt bylaws which shall contain:
    1. Provisions for committees and their responsibilities;
    2. Procedures for the calling and conduct of faculty meetings and elections; and
    3. Provisions for such other matters of organization and procedure as may be necessary for the performance of their responsibilities.
  2. Bylaws shall be consistent with and subject to the Policies of the Board of Trustees of State University of New York, the laws of the State of New York, and the provisions of agreements between the State of New York and the certified employee organization established pursuant to Article 14 for the Civil Service Law. Provisions of bylaws concerning consultation with the faculty shall be subject to the approval of the chief administrative officer of the college. All actions under bylaws shall be advisory upon the Chancellor and the Chief Administrative Officer of the college.
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