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Description of Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees are charged to all students to support several university activities and services. These fees are assessed to all enrolled students and are essential for the university to operate.

Mandatory fees are not user based fees and students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits these fees provide.

Summary of Mandatory Fee Costs Effective Fall 2023 (at Plattsburgh)
Name Per Semester Per Credit
Athletic Fee * $232 $19.34
Career Service Fee $41.50 $3.46
College Fee $25 $1.70
Recreation Fee * $85 $7.08
Student Health Fee * $229.50 $19.13
Student Association Fee * $80 $6.67
Educational Technology Fee $212.50 $17.71
Other Fees by Student Category:  Some fees are mandatory based on status.  For example a new student will incur an Advance Placement Fee, continuing students will not.  More information about other fees can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: When specified criteria is met, waiver of mandatory fees may be considered upon request and on a case-by-case basis. Please review each mandatory fee below for more information about waiving the fee. 
*Students who are not from Clinton County and who are matriculated in one of our exclusively online academic programs will not have these fees. Learn more about tuition costs for online programs here.


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