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Alumni Profiles

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Bryan Antico, Class of 2023

  • B.S. in Nursing, SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit at The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City

I never got a chance to tour the campus prior to attending classes, but my in-depth research on the best nursing schools still led me to pick Plattsburgh. Applying for their nursing program was the best decision I have made in my life.

The experience I had was universally positive from the start. From the immense support the faculty and my classmates provided, to the immersive clinical experiences I had at CVPH, I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The clinical instructors were very in tune with our learning objectives; they saw to it that we learned as much as possible each and every time. While at CVPH, I fell in love with critical care and I also grew to understand the inner workings of nursing and healthcare as a whole.

I went on to pass my NGN NCLEX-RN on the first try — less than one month after graduation. Since starting at Mount Sinai, I have taken steps to attain my CCRN certification by my one-year mark and have been excelling due to the education I received. SUNY Plattsburgh’s nursing program gave me the solid foundation I needed to be successful and I am grateful.

Elizabeth Norris-Randa, Class of 2023

  • B.S. in Nursing, SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Active Duty Nurse, United States Air Force

I enjoyed the flexibility of online learning but the real-time availability of the professors and other staff. I’ve been a registered nurse for almost 10 years, and this was a great way to get my bachelor’s degree around my work schedule. 

Our health promotion and social justice class group project was far and away the best group project I have ever had in all my years of college — the other group members were a dream team! And, my public policy and politics class was eye opening and informative and was really applicable to my current practice as a med/surg nurse. Knowing how to advocate for the patient, as well as my own practice as a nurse, is invaluable.

Distance learning can make having a real connection with professors difficult. That being said, every nursing professor I had went above and beyond to be available, accessible and professional. The entire nursing department at SUNY Plattsburgh goes above and beyond. 

Elaine Santos, Class of 2020

  • B.S. in Nursing, SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Accepted into South College Doctor of Nursing Practice Nurse Anesthesia Program
  • Neonatal ICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital

I chose SUNY Plattsburgh because I loved the campus when I toured it and I heard nothing but good things about the nursing program. I loved the atmosphere and the good vibes from the faculty and students.

My experience was nothing short of amazing. From the beginning, I always felt like I had a great support system between the faculty and my peers. There are many resources available for your success at SUNY Plattsburgh and I am grateful that I received a well-rounded education. The faculty wanted you to succeed; they were always available and very responsive. All of the professors were passionate about what they taught and made the classes intriguing. The program was receptive to feedback and listened to the nursing students. I felt well prepared for clinical rotations and I always received the proper feedback from the faculty so that I could improve and be the best nurse possible.

I loved the simulation lab, because I felt like they prepared me for the real world. We were fortunate to have a broad variety of clinical rotations so that we could experience different areas of nursing and find our niche. That’s where I fell in love with the ICU. I loved the skills aspect of nursing, and I was fortunate enough to work in the skills lab and help other students practice their skills.

SUNY Plattsburgh has plenty of activities and opportunities to explore different things. It led me to the Fitness Center where I tried out Zumba classes and loved it. I decided to become a Zumba instructor and taught classes at the Fitness Center.

I am extremely grateful for SUNY Plattsburgh’s nursing program for giving me the proper education and knowledge so that I could feel confident going into any route in nursing. Almost three years after graduating, I still feel the support from the SUNY Plattsburgh nursing program. I keep in touch with many of my peers who are now lifelong friends, and with the faculty. I recommend SUNY Plattsburgh to anyone looking for a great environment to begin their professional career.

Ashley Knappenberger, Class of 2017

Portait of Ashley Knappenberger in her nursing uniform

  • B.S. in Nursing, SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh has an amazing program that made my transition to RN life a breeze. The faculty were amazing and very supportive and helped me feel comfortable in my abilities and knowledge upon graduation.

From beginning to end, there was continuous support from the faculty and a bond that was formed between the nursing class. Clinical here at SUNY Plattsburgh is beyond what I could have expected. The instructors and nurses that I worked with gave us independence on the floor while supporting us along the way, which is what made my transition to working nice and easy.

CVPH gave us, as students, full access to learning and experiences which let us really get a full, well-rounded experience of what we could expect upon graduation and our first nursing job. While at SUNY Plattsburgh, I worked as an admissions ambassador. I loved it because I was able to tell people how much I loved the program here and how I knew once it was time for me to graduate, I was going to be very well prepared.

Alissa Shinder, Class of 2014

Portrait of Alissa Shinder in her nursing uniform

  • B.S. in Nursing, SUNY Plattsburgh

From the moment I stepped onto the SUNY Plattsburgh campus, I knew it was the place for me. During my first visit to SUNY Plattsburgh, I received a personalized tour of the nursing department and I felt so welcomed by all of the nursing faculty and students. Just as they supported me during my initial visit, the faculty continued to support and encourage me throughout the entire nursing program.

In addition to the excellent support from the nursing department faculty, my college experience at SUNY Plattsburgh was enriched by the extracurricular activities that I quickly became involved in. At the beginning of my first year, I became a member of the Student Nurses Association at Plattsburgh State (SNAPS) and a member of Dance Corps. Throughout my participation in SNAPS, I held a variety of leadership positions including freshman class representative and president for three years. My involvement in SNAPS helped me to learn leadership skills and also allowed me to build great relationships with other nursing students who have now become life-long friends.

The exceptional education I received from SUNY Plattsburgh prepared me very well for my nursing career. Upon graduating, I started working on an adult and pediatric medical/surgical unit at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, N.Y. Within the past four years, I have taken on a variety of roles including preceptor, charge nurse, and unit representative for the hospital shared governance council. In 2016, I started the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the Sage Colleges in Albany, N.Y. and I will graduate in December 2018. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the strong foundation of knowledge I received at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Kate Capwell, Class 2010

  • B.S. in Nursing, SUNY Plattsburgh

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.” — Henry David Thoreau

My name is Kate Capwell and I’m originally from Apalachin, N.Y. Currently, I am working at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Prior to working at Tampa, I worked at Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, N.Y. I am a Clinical Staff RN, scheduled to take my certification in critical care exam in October to become a CCRN. I currently hold certifications in Impella, (Ventricular/ Aortic Assist Devices), Intra-aortic Balloon Pump, and continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT). I am applying to graduate school currently, to return to school next August to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

The most exciting class I took at Plattsburgh was Med-Surg (I and II). Ideas and systems began to click and make more sense to me. I remember feeling like I was really getting into nursing and started to become really passionate about the profession. I loved the clinical portion of the class as well.

Throughout the program I loved the class size and the professor-student interaction. The program is well thought-out and put together. It is established in a fashion that is helpful and encouraging, yet challenging, allowing you to prepare for a career in nursing. The professors are always available and encourage one-on-one time. Each professor played a role in preparing me for exactly what I was going to experience outside of the classroom.

During my leadership and management clinical I was able to do research for a local hospital, dealing with the improvement and establishment of an electronic medical record system they were initiating. It was exciting to be right in the middle of a hospital’s improvement. I was able to see just how important technology can be inside a hospital, no matter how big or small that hospital may be.

The clinical experience at Plattsburgh was excellent. The amount of time allotted at each clinical site and unit is more than sufficient. Every professor and clinical instructor is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in that particular field or specialty. They are always there to help you but give you a great sense of independence at the same time, allowing you to gain personal confidence. Doing my rotation in Critical Care was ultimately what made me want to become an ICU nurse.

This program can be whatever you make of it. If you are passionate and diligent this will be the best experience of your life. The professors and the environment at SUNY Plattsburgh made me love what I was doing, I felt at home. The possibilities for success are endless. There are so many opportunities that are available both within the program and within the college as a whole. My advice would be to make the most of everyday and take advantage of all the program has to offer.

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