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Expeditionary Studies Department

Adventure Education & More

Only a handful of programs anywhere in the U.S. take adventure sports’ curricula to advanced levels. We’re one of them.

An Adventure Curriculum for Everyone

If you dream of outdoor adventure and have the desire to learn what it takes, if you want to know how to lead others in their adventures, discover things about yourself as you push your body and mind to ever-increasing limits, and if you accept the challenge of pursuing these goals in wild, outdoor settings, then expeditionary studies is an academic program that can take you on your desired path.

The degree integrates study of such topics as the history and culture of exploration with experiences in leadership, planning, and risk management, to name a few. And always, you’ll be spending huge amounts of time advancing your skills in paddling, climbing, or skiing.

Not Your Average Desk Job: An Experiential Academic Program Preparing Students for ‘The Outdoor Industry’

Expeditionary studies is sending its graduates into a variety of professional positions. They enjoy fulfilling careers as sea kayak and mountain guides, professional ski patrollers, park rangers, and leaders in eco-tourism and adventure-based counseling. In classes that are often as small as five or six students, you’ll be studying with world class faculty who have traveled and guided around the world. Our innovative curriculum guarantees you will have constant and close contact with them in the field throughout your studies. The faculty can’t do it alone, though, and EXP students must take seriously the intellectual, physical and experiential commitments required of aspiring outdoor professionals.

Important Note about Admission to the EXP Program

Admission to expeditionary studies is competitive and limited. We advise that you contact the EXP department chair AND apply early!

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