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University Council

The University Council at SUNY Plattsburgh serves as an advisory and oversight body to the campus and to the president and senior administration of SUNY Plattsburgh.

In accordance with New York State Education Law, the council comprises 10 members; nine who are appointed to seven-year terms by the governor of the state of New York, and one student member elected annually from among the campus’ undergraduate and graduate students.

Following SUNY Plattsburgh's achievement of university status in 2023, the panel, formerly known as the College Council, renamed itself the University Council.

A more detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of the council can be found in New York State Education Law, Article 8, Section 356.

Duties & Membership

Each state-operated campus of the SUNY system has a council, appointed by the governor. This body is mandated by Article 8, Section 356 of the New York State Education Law, which provides for the establishment of a local council to supervise the operations and affairs of each state-operated institution of the state university. These councils function subject to the general management, supervision and control of and in accordance with rules established by the State University Trustees.

Council Members. The Governor appoints individuals who have a strong interest in the university. Nine of the 10 members are appointed for seven-year terms. The tenth member is a student, elected for a one-year term by and from the students enrolled at the institution.

Meetings. The council holds meetings during the year. These are open to the public. 

Presidential Search Committee. The council has a role in the selection of a campus president. It forms a search committee of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community representatives per SUNY policy. It then makes recommendations of candidates to the SUNY chancellor for ultimate Board of Trustees selection.

Involvement with Campus. Council members are encouraged to be actively engaged in campus activities and foster their personal affiliation with the institution. The members are contributors to the college’s fundraising efforts and have from time to time become leaders of our advancement and development initiatives in addition to their roles as council members.

Meeting Dates & Video Links

SUNY Plattsburgh University Council meetings are open to the public, other than the portion of a meeting that may be held in executive session under the provisions of state law. Meeting dates/times are subject to change.

2024–2025 Schedule
Date Location Video Link
Monday, Sept. 16, 2024, 1 p.m. Hermes Conference Room, Au Sable Hall  
Monday, Nov. 18, 2024, 1 p.m. Hermes Conference Room, Au Sable Hall  
Monday, Feb. 10, 2025, 1 p.m. Hermes Conference Room, Au Sable Hall  
Monday, April 14, 2025, 1 p.m. Hermes Conference Room, Au Sable Hall  

SUNY Plattsburgh uses Zoom to livestream the meetings of the University Council. You can watch the video of the meeting on your computer, laptop, or cellphone or listen just to the audio.

To watch the meeting, click on the Zoom link above. For the optimal Zoom experience, we suggest you download it before the meeting.

Additional Information

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