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Economic Impact & Annual Report

Supporting and Sustaining the North Country

Economic Impact & Annual Report

Annual Report

The president each year summarizes the college’s accomplishments, operations and other highlights in a report to the chancellor. The report also includes goals and objectives for the coming academic year.

Regional Report

The most recent regional economic impact study was completed by the Office of the President in July 2018. It provides detailed estimates and breakdowns of the overall effects of campus operations and activities.

Economic Impact report

Key findings of the study include:

  • Tax revenue generated by SUNY Plattsburgh’s activities total more than $56 million per year.
  • The college created a total output of more than $172 million for the region from the nearly $96 million it generates.
  • An additional $45.6 million of income and 160 jobs arise because of the education attainment of SUNY Plattsburgh graduates remaining in the North Country region.
  • SUNY Plattsburgh students contributed nearly $55 million in direct expenditures to the region’s economy through their spending, including off-campus housing, food, transportation and other personal expenses.
  • Volunteerism contributed nearly $1.3 million in additional output. Student volunteers provide thousands of hours of work for nonprofits and the public sector.
  • About 134,000 residents and tourists visit the various campus museums, theaters and athletic facilities. Numerous SUNY Plattsburgh centers and institutes provide a variety of outreach services in healthcare, economic and community development, social services, and small business development.
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