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An Inclusive & Welcoming Campus

SUNY Plattsburgh is focused on fostering a campus environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all, and which celebrates the diverse experiences and perspectives of all members.

We confront and reject all manifestations of discrimination. We acknowledge deep-rooted misunderstandings and biases. We celebrate our differences.

We are committed to the highest standards of civility and decency toward all. We promote open expression of our individuality within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, and respect.

We are aware of the complex challenges facing many members of our campus community. We know we must do better and we are committed to making ‘better’ happen.

Social Justice Advisory Council

A Social Justice Task Force worked in 2018, meeting with a range of campus and community stakeholders, consulting the work of researchers, and critically examining the work already taking place on campus. As the task force noted, social justice is a “continuous process that involves and entire institution.” The work belongs to each of us.

Read the Social Justice Task Force recommendations.

Former President John Ettling created an independent, permanent social justice advisory council following the work of the task force. This serves as a vital voice on these matters helping leadership and the wider campus community stay on track.

Action Steps

Summary of work completed in 2018.

Institutional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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