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Internal Control Program

Providing reasonable assurance that our campus uses its resources (including its human resources) to address established objectives and goals and take steps to decrease the risk.

Why Internal Control?

Internal controls provide reasonable assurance that an organization uses its resources — including its human resources — to address established objectives and goals and take steps to decrease the risks to the organization. While it is the law that the college has an internal control program, it also makes good sense for the college to operate as efficiently as possible.

If we do not have internal controls in place, we could lose resources and opportunities. Such losses could prevent us from fully meeting our goals and objectives and negatively impact our mission.

The Program

The Committee

Internal Control Positions

  • Internal Control Officer

    Internal Control Officer (ICO)

    The internal control officer spearheads the college’s Internal Control Program. The internal control officer at SUNY Plattsburgh is:

    Todd Moravec, Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance and Internal Control Officer

    The ICO is responsible for:

    • Monitoring and evaluating the organization’s overall internal control system.
    • Coordinating the development and implementation of the college’s Internal Control Program.
    • Monitoring identified weaknesses and required corrective actions.
    • Ensuring that employees are informed of applicable policies and receive appropriate training in internal control.
    • Reporting to the president on the college’s overall internal control system
    • Completing central administration required reporting requirements.

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