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Request a Class Visit from CTE

For SUNY Plattsburgh Faculty

The CTE knows that most faculty members can benefit from student surveys during the semester; it gives the students the opportunity to voice general concerns or praise for the class environment. If this service is requested, the center’s representative will take over the class for the last 15 minutes to administer the survey, and will discuss the findings during a follow-up meeting. In the event that a faculty member notices a specific problem with their class dynamics (non-participation, disinterest, low scores, etc.), the center welcomes them to request a classroom observation. A classroom observation allows our representative the opportunity to be immersed in the classroom experience so that they can identify the root of any problems.

Please use the form below to schedule a class observation and/or student survey.

**Deadline for requesting a class survey is March 15 and the deadline for classroom observation is March 29. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the remainder of the semester is not enough time to implement any changes that may be suggested.

If you  experience any obstacles in teaching/learning in your class after March 29 please schedule a 1:1 consultation with the Center. We are here for you! Thank you!

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