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Our Services

Third Age provides a broad range of educational, social and therapeutic recreational activities that are structured to meet individual needs.

Third Age Daily Services

Our activities include current event discussions, arts and crafts, community activities, walks and simple exercise. Music activities, intergenerational activities, pet therapy and sensory activities contribute to an enriching experience.

Counseling & Referral Services

Various counseling opportunities are offered to the participants of the center at no additional charge. This includes reminiscing, group work, communication training and one-on-one counseling as needed with trained staff.

Comprehensive Assessment & Long Term Planning

From the time of admission to the center, all participants are registered within the comprehensive assessment and forecasting program. This program is composed of various assessment tools that allow us to monitor the progressive nature of the client’s mental status and map out the potential disease related problems they may encounter in the future. This program informs the caregiver periodically of the status of the client and any anticipated changes regarding their future needs.

Other Services Include:

  • Transportation to and from the center
  • Support groups for participants
  • Personal care
  • Special care for those with dementia
  • Helpline for caregivers
  • Secure environment
  • Medication administration
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