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Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial | Message from President Enyedi

chauvin verdict

Dear Campus Community,

George Floyd’s life mattered.

The taking of George Floyd’s life was tragic, enraging, and unnecessary. The jury’s verdict serves to reinforce the greater problems that plague our society today -- discrimination, systemic racism and state violence. George Floyd’s life mattered. The lives of Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Breonna Taylor, and Eric Garner mattered. All Black lives matter. We mourn with the victims and those traumatized by these seemingly endless string of events.

The decision just announced today from the jury at the trial of Derek Chauvin provides some hope we are moving in the direction toward justice. However, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis stands among the great immoralities of our time. Despite today’s news, emotion and frustration tears at the fabric of our nation and our communities -- particularly our Black and Brown students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members among us. People remain sad, hurt and angry, and we share those feelings.

We hope some justice and legal accountability may be possible in response to acts of racial violence. Today’s decision serves as a wakeup call for the need to examine the relationship between police and BIPOC communities as an essential step to build trust and end the inequities that occur each day.

Solidarity Space Tonight, Other Opportunities Ahead

Regardless of the jury's decision, our collective work is not done. At this moment, courageous individuals in our communities and around the nation are taking stands through direct nonviolent action. Within our campus community, a group of caring college members has prepared ways to process ongoing racialized violence and to support our BIPOC community members and allies through this time and beyond.

A Solidarity Space will be held tonight in Ballroom B, Angell College Center, at 6 p.m. to support our community members who wish to process the trial verdict. This space holds 50 people.

We will have a Zoom room available for community members who wish to join virtually at 6. The link is https://plattsburgh.zoom.us/j/93784225632.

Details of other ways to participate will be shared soon by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion via email. Among the opportunities:

  • Spaces for artistic release
  • Conversations in caucus groups
  • Hybrid meeting places
  • Walks
  • Journaling

As individuals we cannot do everything, but we can each do something. This is not a time to be silent. I urge you to be present, to listen, to learn and to connect. Let everyone you meet know you support them. And be authentic. It is a time to join together with and support our students, our friends and our colleagues. This is a journey of change that continues.

Alexander Enyedi


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