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Update on Offensive Social Media Image

College officials learned Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 14 of an offensive photo found circulating on social media. The image was of a Snapchat post and included a racist message.

Upon learning of the incident, campus officials promptly investigated and identified the source. The initial post on Snapchat was several weeks ago. A subsequent screenshot of the image was taken from that original post, resurfaced, and was shared. 

Such images are not only inconsistent with our values, they are also subject to review under the Student Code of Conduct. These policies and procedures are being applied in this case. As we do this, we will further examine the code to see where improvements or adjustments should be made.

President John Ettling has invited the campus community to discuss the incident further on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. in Yokum 200.

While no amount of training or conversation can extinguish the flames of hate, as the events yesterday at the school in Florida sadly amplify, every available amount of our energy must be and will be spent on efforts to not only fight these fires but prevent them from starting. We will not stop learning, teaching and working at this.

The Student Health and Counseling Center is available to assist students with concerns at 518-564-2187 or [email protected]. Those with further information about this incident, may contact University Police at 518-564-2022. 

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