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University Police Department Launches New Traffic Safety Program

Members of SUNY Plattsburgh’s University Police Department notice distracted driving and careless street-crossing every day and are taking action through a new Crosswalk Safety Traffic Enforcement Program called CrosSTEP.

CrosSTEP is designed to target both motorists and pedestrians, specifically in the residential areas around campus. The program asks drivers to pledge not to text and drive and encourages pedestrians to stop, look and wave before they cross the street.

“When we collected data last fall, we noticed a lot of drivers were distracted by calling, texting and other diversions, and a lot of pedestrians weren’t using the lights on the crosswalk signs,” said Assistant University Police Chief Jerry Lottie.

To raise awareness and lower the number of accidents and close-calls, University Police will roll out the pledge program alongside a training program. The police will work with resident assistants to plan educational sessions for campus residents and encourage residents to sign the pledge. Stickers and posters will also be distributed across campus and at tabling sessions in the Angell College Center.

“It sounds basic,” Lottie said, “but people come here from all over the country, all over the world, and they have different expectations when they cross the street. We want to educate the campus community and keep them safe.”

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