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SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College to Share Services

A new agreement between SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College will allow the two campuses to share services leading to financial benefits and improvements in academic and student support services.

Clinton Community College President John E. Jablonski said, “This is really a win-win for all involved. Our students and our community can only benefit from our collaboration.”

"We are fortunate to have faculty, staff and administration who are so willing to work together at both institutions,” SUNY Plattsburgh President John Ettling said. “Not only does it make collaboration easier, it also makes it a pleasure."

SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton have suggested shared-services opportunities in, but not limited to, the following areas:

-Formation of a shared food service program for students.

-Creation of a shared bookstore service for students.

-Establishment of joint academic programs, in areas of mutual interest.

-Development of a conditional acceptance program for domestic and

International students that benefits both campuses.

-Establishment of short- and long-term goals for shared services.

-Establishment of joint conferences and seminars.

-Development of close cooperation in the area of curricular development.

“SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College have maintained a symbiotic relationship throughout the years. We feel that this agreement can only strengthen that relationship and reap benefits for both our students and the taxpayers,” President Ettling said.

President Jablonski said, “Plattsburgh and Clinton County are fortunate to have not one, but two SUNY campuses. Our missions are distinct and complementary, but we still have opportunities to work together to improve our level of service and increase our operating efficiency.”

The move comes after SUNY launched its shared services initiative last year in an effort to reduce administrative costs and move those resources toward direct instruction and student services. Over the next three years, all SUNY campuses will shift—at minimum—5 percent of their administrative spending to academics and student services, resulting in $100 million being invested in instruction.

"These critical first steps towards implementing common sense and cost effective shared services place SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College ahead of the curve," said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher. "By identifying efficiencies and working together these campuses will maintain access and affordability while expanding services that directly benefit current and prospective students. Plattsburgh and Clinton are to be highly commended for embracing SUNY's systemness and leveraging their capacity as partners within the system and their shared community."

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