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SUNY Plattsburgh Alumnus Named Vice President for Student Affairs

Bryan Hartman has been named SUNY Plattsburgh’s vice president for student affairs effective immediately.

The 1988 SUNY Plattsburgh alumnus had already served in that position as an interim following the retirement of long-time Vice President for Student Affairs William Laundry in January.

“I am pleased to announce that Bryan has accepted my invitation to become our next vice president for student affairs,” President John Ettling said. “I am looking forward to working with Bryan. Student Affairs is in good shape, and I believe it will become even better under Bryan’s leadership.”

Hartman said he is humbled by the appointment and that it would not have been possible without the support of several notable SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and staff, including Cheryl Hogle ’68 G’72, who retired as associate dean of students but who worked with Hartman when he served as a resident assistant as an undergraduate. Others include Laundry and the late Dr. Eldridge Roark, who had served the campus for years as its vice president for student affairs, as well the Associate Provost for Student Affairs and Enrollment at State University of New York Ed Engelbride ’82 G’87 G’88; retired Psychology Professor Lary Shaffer ’68; Distinguished Service Professor and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Public Life E. Thomas Moran ’69 G’73.

He thanked “countless others who took a chance on me and provided me with exceptional opportunities and experiences to become who I am today.

“The path was set on my first day on campus as a new transfer when my roommate, Andrew Gage ’78, dragged me to see Dr. Shaffer’s opening night speech, ‘The Things My Mother Never Told Me About College,’ which resonated with me and provided the motivation to embrace the SUNY Plattsburgh experience,” Hartman said. “It was the bonds and experiences my fellow student leaders created that provided the launching pad for all of us to achieve the many successes we had as students and in life beyond our college years.”

Hartman began his career in student affairs in 1993 working closely with Laundry and Hogle as a staff assistant in Campus Life. In 2005, he became director of residence life and was named associate vice president for student affairs in 2011.

Laundry joined the college in 1969 as housing director. Since then, he has served as director of residence life, director of campus life, dean of students, associate vice president for student affairs and, upon his retirement, vice president for student affairs. 

For his part, Laundry said that he will miss working with the faculty and staff and interacting with the students, “but I don’t have to miss it all.” He plans to stay in Plattsburgh and volunteer at the college, helping with both Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs. He’s also looking forward to reading more books, doing a little traveling, spending more time at Silver Lake and catching events at both the college and in the community.

Meanwhile, Laundry hopes the college will continue on its current trajectory.

“It seems to me that we are constantly looking for ways to improve for the benefit of the students. We’ve had a good last 10 years, and my hope is that we will continue to move forward.”

Hartman concurred.

“On the day I accepted, someone asked me what I looked most forward to in this position,” Hartman said. “It is actually quite simple: working with and on behalf of our students. The goal is to work with the outstanding professionals in Student Affairs, my colleagues throughout the college, our partners in the Student Association and alumni to provide opportunities so that all our students can create their own unique SUNY Plattsburgh experience that successfully launches them forward."

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