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Students to Produce Live Hockey Webcast

PLATTSBURGH, NY (November 8, 2007) - On Thursday, Nov. 1, representatives from SUNY Plattsburgh and PrimeLink held a press conference on center ice at the Ronald B. Stafford Ice Hockey Arena.

At the event, representatives from both organizations provided the details of the 2007 PrimeLink Great Northern Shootout, a men's Division III college ice hockey tournament to be held Nov. 23-24 featuring the following teams: SUNY Plattsburgh, Middlebury College, Norwich University, and St. John's University of Minnesota.

Hockey Partners Announce Shootout Plans "Our sponsorship of this tournament provides us with a way to live up to our mission that includes giving back to the community," said Trent Trahan, CEO of PrimeLink and a 1970 graduate of Plattsburgh State. "The Shootout gives us an opportunity to showcase the technology PrimeLink can offer while also enhancing our tournament."

In addition to the action on the ice, four senior students from the college's Center for Communication and Journalism will have the opportunity to produce live coverage of the tournament to be broadcast over the web using PrimeLink technology. The students involved in the production are: Ashley Gela, producer; Eric Hoffman, play-by play announcer; Sean McCluskey, color analyst; and Colleen Sheehy, between-period host.

"It's a great opportunity for everyone involved," Sheehy said.

Peter Ensel, director of the Center for Communication and Journalism and chair of the Department of Communication at SUNY Plattsburgh, thinks that the partnership is a win-win situation. "Not only do our students get an experience they can add to their resume, but the project embodies what our newly-formed Center for Communication and Journalism represents, that is, the fact that the technologies and disciplines are converging and we are at the forefront of that new approach within the SUNY system."

"We are pleased to be working with PrimeLink on this annual tournament," said John Ettling, president of SUNY Plattsburgh. "Just as glad as we are to offer a chance to highlight our talented and dedicated sports teams, this partnership has the added benefit of providing a hands-on learning opportunity for a group of students from our communication and journalism programs."

Greg MacConnell, president of PrimeLink and a member of the SUNY Plattsburgh class of 1972 said, "We are indeed on the leading edge of the new Internet based economy and as PrimeLink it is our pleasure to partner with Plattsburgh State to bring this technology to students, athletes and fans of the Great Northern Shootout."

Bruce Delventhal, director of athletics at SUNY Plattsburgh, is pleased that Cardinal Hockey fans far and wide will have the chance to see their team in action. "The webcast will also allow our alumni, families of current students, and anyone really, to see the tournament online if they can't be here in person," he said.  "The webcast will provide wider visibility for the schools and their athletes."

The webcast will be available at www.primelink1.com.

Caption: pictured from left to right (back) Trent Trahan, CEO of PrimeLink; Dr. John Ettling, president of SUNY Plattsburgh; Peter Ensel, director for the Center of Communication and Journalism; Bruce Delventhal, director of athletics; Greg MacConnell, president of PrimeLink; (front) Eric Hoffman, play-by play announcer; Sean McCluskey, color analyst; Ashley Gela, producer; and Colleen Sheehy, between-period host.

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