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An Inside Look at the New Student Mail Center | SUNY Plattsburgh

As far as newly renovated residence halls go, Mason Hall delivers the mail.

As of summer 2015, Mason is home to the new Student Mail Center. The center, located in the basement and accessed through the back of the building, houses more than 3,000 mailboxes, one for each student living on campus. It also provides a variety of shipment services.

Upgraded System

The biggest upgrade from the previous system, though, is the way students receive packages. Rather than picking up their packages from mail room workers during a four-hour window, they will now have 24-hour access to package lockers. Students enter a pin number into a computer screen in the mail center, and the computer directs them to the corresponding locker.

Mail room staff say the automated system, in addition to being "cool," will streamline the mail delivery process and make it easier for students to pick up packages. Additionally, staffers at the customer service window will be able to help students with pick-up or mailing Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Secure Access

Students will have access to their mailboxes around the clock with the use of their ID card. Security cameras in the mail center will monitor and deter inappropriate use of the services.

Faculty and staff mail will still be processed through the Campus Mail Center on Sanborn Avenue.

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