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Second-Phase Work on Improved Elevated Walkway Underway

Several changes are taking place around the elevated walkway between the Angell College Center, Kehoe, Myers, Yokum and the Feinberg Library that will affect access to those buildings on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

The changes are related to the reconstruction of the walkway, also known as the Podium. The replacement of this key campus connector will include new green spaces, a stamped-concrete walking surface and a radiant heat snow melt system to minimize if not eliminate winter snow removal operations and save the pavement from the corrosive effects of salt. 

The project is beginning with closing off the access to the walkway from the second floor of Kehoe, the two sets of doors onto the walkway from Yokum, and the three sets of second-floor doors of Myers Fine Arts Building.

Other changes will include:

Installation of a fence across the area in front of Feinberg that will stretch to the stairway by the Angell College Center near the ATM. You will be able to use that stairway down to Amite Plaza.

Limited access to Amite to the sidewalk alongside the college center out toward Rugar Street and alongside Myers Fine Arts Building back under the Podium.

The opening of the paved walkway from the Kent Gallery, down between Yokum and Beaumont halls and over the bridge to Hudson Hall. Access to the parking lots on Draper will be open, but access to the elevated walkway alongside Feinberg starting at the Kent Gallery will remain closed.

Doors leading to the walkway from Kehoe, Yokum and Myers will be closed and signed as emergency exits only.

Accessible entrances are available via sidewalks along Rugar Street and Draper Avenue.

Work on removing the walkway itself will begin once the semester ends in December. Additional restrictions will be in place at that time.

The anticipated completion of the project is fall semester 2018. 

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