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Celebrating Love and Memory at SUNY Plattsburgh Reunion 2013

They met in philosophy class.

Their first kiss was here.

They graduated and moved to New York City, where tough times brought them even closer, and, after a year’s engagement, they got married at the Griffin House Bed and Breakfast in Warrensburg, N.Y.

Three days after their three-year anniversary, Kristy ’07 and Harry ’08 Silman came back to Plattsburgh. They came for Reunion and the chance to visit those familiar streets, hang out with their best man and see changes around town.

They stayed in Macdonough, wandered the campus and checked out clambake, the strawberry breakfast, the Monopole, the Green Room, Peabody’s, the Naked Turtle and fireworks downtown.

Kristy and Harry weren’t the only ones. Alumni from as far away as Wisconsin, Tennessee and Florida came and visited the campus Reunion weekend.

Kristy said, “I would tell my friends that it is worth a trip down memory lane every once in awhile to remind yourself where you came from and to see how far you've come in your journey since Plattsburgh. College is such a time of transitions, and we all need to make periodic rest stops for reflection time.”

Mark your calendars for the next event: Homecoming, Oct. 18-20, celebrating all alumni.

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