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More than 400 Alumni and Friends Return for SUNY Plattsburgh's Reunion 2011

Alumni traveled from as far away as California this July to celebrate SUNY Plattsburgh’s second annual Reunion.

The events drew 424 alumni and friends who took part in warm-weather offerings, like a golf outing, a picnic at Hawkins Pond, a tour of local vineyards, a barbecue, a white-glove reception at the Kent Delord House Museum, a Cardinaltini mixer at the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts and a strawberry brunch.

“Alumni spoke, and we listened,” said Director of Alumni Relations Joanne Nelson. “At their request, we moved the celebration into the heart of summer and paired it with the Mayor’s Cup Festival and Regatta, offering them an even wider array of choices. The synergy that resulted was amazing.”Event Coupled with Mayor’s Cup Festival and Regatta

Next Up: Homecoming

Reunion is one of three events designed to welcome alumni back to their alma mater. The other two are Cardinal Weekend, Oct. 14-15, featuring the Cardinal Hall of Fame induction and alumni sporting events; and Homecoming-Family Weekend, Sept. 23-25, with events open to all alumni, students and their families and special celebrations for graduates affiliated with nursing and Residence Life programs.

“We look forward to Homecoming-Family Weekend as a time for students and alumni to network,” Nelson said. “Our alumni bring with them a proud past and a depth of experience. What they bring back to the college enriches our campus and our students”

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