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Police Surrender Donuts for Good Crosswalk Behavior

Stop. Look. Wave. Get a donut.

University Police are rewarding good crosswalk behavior with good eats over the next few weeks. Officer Bob Light, a member of CrossSTEP, the committee launched to raise awareness of campus traffic and crosswalk safety, will be monitoring Rugar Street crosswalks. Pedestrians whom he witnesses entering correctly will receive coupons for a free Tim Hortons donut or cup of coffee.

The coupons, which feature the phrase, “Donut Forget to Stop, Look and Wave,” are sponsored by the Campus Dining Service through Campus Auxiliary Services.

Light monitors the crosswalks during his 7 a.m.-to-3 p.m. shifts and will be presenting coupons during those hours.

"We are usually known for giving out tickets for bad things," he said. "Now we are trying to give out tickets for good things."

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