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Platty Slack to Host Spring Slackfest May 3

As the weather warms up, groups of students have been seen bouncing and balancing between trees around campus.

These students are members of Platty Slack, a new club at SUNY Plattsburgh dedicated to slacklining, an activity similar to tightrope walking. The club will host a Spring Slackfest for campus and community members Friday, May 3, outside of Hawkins Hall.

Slacklining involves balancing on a one to two inch-wide strip of webbing that is attached to anchor points, which are usually trees. Participants can also perform tricks and practice poses.

According to Matt McDonald, vice president of Platty Slack, the sport is a good way to improve focus, concentration, balance and core strength.

Members of Platty Slack are encouraging all to attend their event, regardless of experience.

“Anyone can slackline, but no one can slackline on the first try,” McDonald said. “It’s very much for everyone.”

The event will kick with open slacklining and workshops at 3 p.m.

Following a barbecue lunch, attendees can participate in contests and games. Professional slackliners from Gibbon Slacklines, which McDonald refers to as “the Nike of slacklining,” will give instructional workshops at 6 p.m. The professionals will also demonstrate tricks and give away slacklining equipment as prizes during competitions throughout the day.

Platty Slack hopes to gain new members and raise awareness about slacklining through the event.

“We just want to help people have fun slacklining and show them what’s possible,” McDonald said.

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