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News on SUNY Visit and Next Steps for Campus

A note to the campus community from President John Ettling:

I want to write a short note to you tonight thanking all those who participated in meetings today with SUNY System in Albany. The conversations among these officials, as well as two SUNY student leaders, were robust and thoughtful. 

We will listen as SUNY shares its findings with us over the coming days. This will be helpful as we work to bring our campus together and make tangible, measurable improvements where they need to be made.

For others who were not able to participate, stay tuned for more opportunities at the campus level. Dr. Carlos Medina, SUNY's chief diversity officer, will be returning to campus.

While work has been done at forming a diversity plan, revising aspects of the student code of conduct, and reaching out to our wider community, more needs to and will be done. We will need your help to ease the pain from the strife we are feeling today.

To restate from notes earlier about campus safety: Safety is and will remain a fundamental priority. If you see something that is of concern to you, say something. You may also contact University Police at 518-564-2022. UP has had increased staffing since last week and will continue to do so. Faculty and staff are also working with UP, as well as law enforcement partners as needed.

As I close this tonight, I want to address the disturbing posts and on social media that are sickening. Sadly, some people feel name calling and threats through images are productive. They are not, never will be, and the college will pursue all actionable incidents to the fullest extent possible.

John Ettling

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