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Message from President Enyedi on Student Suspensions

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The following was shared by President Enyedi with the campus community:

Dear Campus Community,

Earlier today I issued interim suspension letters to 15 on-campus students who allegedly violated campus health, safety and other policies.

The students receiving interim suspensions gathered together in a residence hall room last week and were observed by SUNY Plattsburgh University Police in violation of social distancing, face covering and other requirements.

These students are required to leave their residence halls rooms, will not be permitted on campus until further notice and must be tested for COVID-19 prior to any return. They may not physically attend class or go to campus facilities, among other restrictions. A separate campus judicial process will determine the future status of these students.

I am disappointed to have to take such a step, now for the third time this semester. But these are steps that will be taken when there are clear violations that potentially jeopardize our safe return to campus.

As I wrote last week, we must remain attentive and not let up. There have been no COVID-19 cases associated with the campus since two were reported Aug. 21-22, but we cannot relax. We expect positive cases will occur.

We have conducted three rounds of pooled surveillance testing, reaching nearly 1,500 students, with no positives. The testing is set to ramp up this week, with about 1,000 tests of off-campus students scheduled. Employees and more on-campus students will follow.

Thank you for all you are doing and continue to do this semester. We have come far and done well this semester. It matters to each student, our full campus and our North Country communities.

Dr. Alexander Enyedi


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