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An Honors Program With an International Flavor

An Honors Progam With an International Flavor

But, to borrow Mark Twain's famous quip, it appears that the rumors of Latin's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Doubters can ask the students in Dr. Ann Tracy's "Latin via Ovid" class.The Plattsburgh State Honors Program is bringing together International students from as far away as Bulgaria, Cyprus, and the Commonwealth of Dominica, and as close as Ontario, Canada.They join U.S. students to study Latin at Plattsburgh State - and for a myriad of individual reasons.

Everyone Says It: Latin Is a Dead Language, But These Students Know Better

Many say that they signed up for Latin via Ovid in order to better understand English, but most say that they stay because the course is great fun. Aaron Nyerges may go into environmental law. A native New Yorker, Aaron is studying Ovid because of his interest in Roman history and culture. Marcia Blackmoore of Dominica, who plans to go on to graduate school in biochemistry, is taking Latin in order to learn the origin of many English (and scientific) words. Kimone Joseph is headed into public relations. She was inspired to take the course because of her early fascination with Shakespeare's Julius Caesar .The verdict is unanimous, or shall we say, "unum omnes"? - Latin lives! And it's well worth the effort.
To learn more about "Latin Via Ovid," or the Plattsburgh State Honors Program, please contact:Ann Tracy
Plattsburgh State Honors Center
E-mail: [email protected]

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