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Guynup Hired to Support Vets, Military Personnel at Two Colleges

A SUNY Plattsburgh alumnus is standing at attention, ready to aid student veterans and service personnel with their unique needs at two colleges.

Tracy Guynup now serves as SUNY Plattsburgh's new veterans support coordinator and Clinton Community College's assistant registrar and veteran affairs coordinator.

The positions were created as a result of rising veteran enrollment numbers and the prediction of continued increases.

As support coordinator, Guynup’s role is to help students navigate through unusual situations that may arise, like being called up for active duty in the reserves.

“Some folks are called up at a moment’s notice, and they may not even have time to call their family or professors. I can alleviate some stress by tying up some loose ends for them,” he said.

Additionally, Guynup wants to help veterans feel more connected to their campuses and is looking forward to continuing the veteran's club at Clinton and starting a new one at Plattsburgh.

Guynup serves family members as well.

“These individuals often move right along with the veteran or active duty personnel,” he said. “Some of them also get the G.I. Bill and have plenty of questions about financial processes and acclimating to being a college student and living the civilian life as well.

“Beyond that, I’m just trying to make the campuses more veteran friendly,” he added.

Guynup’s SUNY Plattsburgh office is located on the eighth floor of Kehoe where he will be available Monday through Friday from 1 to 4:30 p.m. beginning next fall.

Meanwhile, he is in the Registrar’s Office at Clinton Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to noon, year-round.

For more information, contact Guynup at SUNY Plattsburgh at 518-564-5079 or [email protected] or at CCC at 518-562-4266 or [email protected].

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