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Feed the Bird Fundraising Campaign Exceeds Goals

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Feed the Bird fundraising campaign, which ended June 30 at midnight with the close of the fiscal year, has received gifts from 4,108 alumni donors.

By surpassing its goal of 4,000, the campaign also secured a $50,000 gift from alumni Susan ’72 and David ’72 Zebro. 

Counting alumni donors rather than dollar amounts, the campaign relied on strength in numbers. Through emails, social media, events and meetings with alumni across the country, the Office of Institutional Advancement conveyed a key message: Even $5 counts.

“While not everyone has the means to make a large gift, most have a little something that they can give,” said Anne Whitmore Hansen, vice president of institutional advancement and executive director of the Plattsburgh College Foundation. “That ‘little something’ can become quite significant indeed.”

The money raised by the campaign goes to the foundation, which supports scholarships and a wide variety of campus resources and programs. The 4,108 alumni donors exceeded the number of alumni who gave during the 2013-14 fiscal year by 316. Additional gifts, postmarked by June 30, are still coming in the mail and are expected to increase the total further.

The Zebros’ challenge gift, which was a motivator during the campaign, is now boosting the foundation’s ability to continue building a stronger base of alumni support and providing increased support to students and programs at the college.

“The Zebros lead by example,” Hansen said. “They also know how to make supporting a worthwhile organization like SUNY Plattsburgh fun for everyone.

“I think everyone from the team in our office to the alumni who supported the college had some fun feeding the Bird.”

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