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Faculty and Staff Donate Talents to Help Children over the Holidays

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (Dec. 4) - Members of the SUNY Plattsburgh campus community are joining forces to ensure that local children have a happy holiday season.

For the second year in a row, Dr. Chris Martine, assistant professor of biological sciences, and Tim Hartnett, an associate librarian at Feinberg Library, have co-produced a benefit Christmas CD that is currently on sale in many local stores. All profits from the sale of the CDs will go to the Clinton County Christmas Bureau to purchase gifts for local children in need.

Santa Night: The Soundtrack Volume 2

The idea was one hatched by Martine when he was with a band in New Jersey, said Hartnett. "It was really Chris's idea."

The two have worked together, however, convincing musicians to donate tracks, and they have managed to get an additional 12 local musicians to donate them this year. As a result, there are now two volumes on sale.

Other members of the SUNY Plattsburgh community who have donated their time and talents to either volume one or two of "Santa Night: The Soundtrack" include the following:

  • Dr. Rick Davies and the Plattsburgh State Contemporary Combo with Davies, an associate professor and the chair of the music department, (trombone and conducting), and students Jamie Armstrong (alto saxophone), Shawn Parrotte (electric guitar), Dylan Lacey (piano), Chris Shacklett (bass), Peter Fiore (drums and arrangement), Eric Reeves (percussion).
  • The Plattsburgh State Gospel Choir under the direction of Dr. Dexter Criss, an associate professor of chemistry.
  • The Ralphie Parkers with Martine (vocals), student Steve Langdon (acoustic guitar and vocals), Hartnett (electric bass guitar and vocals) and Assistant Professor of History Richard Schaefer (drums).
  • Member of the Beartracks, Julie Hogan, a lecturer in counselor education.

Martine's wife Rachel designed the CD covers.

"She did a fantastic job," said Hartnett. "It's pivotal. It really catches people's eye."

"One of the other heroes of the project is Skip Smithson," added Hartnett.

Smithson donated his time and expertise to recording many of the artists out of his home in Keeseville.

"Without his contribution, we couldn't have done this. He recorded seven different groups in seven days," said Hartnett.

The CDs are released by Plattsburgh Santa Night. This group will collect the funds raised and contribute them to the Christmas bureau along with other donations meant for that purpose. Last year, they released 1,000 of the CDs and sold nearly all of them. This year, they have released 1,000 copies of both volumes one and two.

CDs are available at Arnold's Grocery and Likker Lokker in Keeseville; Bill's Mini-Mart in Morrisonville; Rulf's Orchard and Yarborough Square in Peru; and Bob's Music Supply, Clinton Community College Campus Store, Cook and Gardener, Corner-Stone Bookstore, CVPH Gift Shop, Fashion Exchange, General Trading Company, Irises Cafe and Wine Bar, Koffee Kat, Lily Pond, Meyer's Drugs, North Country Food Co-op, SUNY Plattsburgh's Campus Express, SUNY Plattsburgh's College Store, StevAnn's Salon and Tails of the Adirondacks in Plattsburgh.

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