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Diversity Week Events Continue Through March 2

A full week of events and activities continue during SUNY Plattsburgh’s annual Diversity Week.

The schedule includes musical entertainment, panel discussions, social activism, and films. 

A complete Diversity Week schedule is online.

The week opened with a formal banquet hosted by Black Onyx, a concert by the Plattsburgh State Gospel Choir, a diversity fair and candle-lighting ceremony by the pond.

Other events during the third-annual series include pro-social behavior and bystander intervention training, a mental health survival panel discussion, discussion on privilege, a PowerPoint presentation by the Organization for Women of Ethnicity, and the feature film, “Light to the World,” by the Baha’i International Community.

This year will see a feature throughout the week in the Angell College Center, “Strangers in a Ball Pit.” Based on a video of the same name, the activity features a ball pit where friends and strangers can sit and discuss topics about life. To view the video that inspired this event, visit www.youtube.com/watch.

For more information, contact Jennifer Matott, 518-564-5410 or email [email protected]

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