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College Restricts Tobacco, Products to Assigned Parking Lots

Tobacco use on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus is now restricted to a limited number of designated parking lots.

The SUNY Plattsburgh Tobacco Restricted Campus Policy takes effect Aug. 15 and includes all tobacco and tobacco-derived products intended for human consumption, including but not limited to: tobacco and clove cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah-smoked products, bidis, kreteks, electronic cigarettes or “vapes,” smokeless tobacco or “chew,” and snus.

It does not include cessation products specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in treating nicotine or tobacco dependence.

According to Bryan Hartman, vice president for student affairs, the policy applies to all members of the college community, including faculty, staff, students, volunteers, trainees, consultants, contracted staff, vendors, guests and visitors.

“The policy does not imply that individuals must quit using tobacco products,” Hartman said. “It implies that they must restrict the use of those products to the designated locations.”

That said, the college recognizes that tobacco is an addictive substance; ceasing its use is difficult, and those who want to cease the use of tobacco products often need support, Hartman said.

“The college is providing information about cessation services for all members of the campus community.”

Students who wish to quit can contact the Student Health and Counseling Center for cessation techniques, support and products to assist in the process.

Faculty and staff members who wish to quit can contact the New York State Smokers’ Quit Line at 886-697-8487 or contact the Employee Assistance Program at 518-564-4177.

“The success of this policy relies on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of all campus community members and visitors,” Hartman said. “We can all play a role in promoting a healthy campus environment and encouraging adherence with this policy.”

Anyone who observes a violation is encouraged to courteously and without confrontation inform the individual of the college’s tobacco restriction policy in an effort to educate the community, he said. Promotion of the policy and educational and outreach efforts will begin during the fall 2015 semester.

Non-compliance during the first year of the policy’s implementation will prompt an educational response, Hartman said. Starting Aug. 1, 2016, violators will be referred to the appropriate department for review and resolution. For employees, this will be in accordance with their collective bargaining agreements.

There will be situations where tobacco use will be permitted on college grounds. These include scientific studies that require participants to use tobacco; tobacco use as part of traditional Native American spiritual or cultural ceremonies; and theater productions where actors and actresses are permitted to use tobacco as part of the performance.

Permitted-use areas are

The main parking lot in front of the Field House and the parking lot to the west of the Field House prior to driving to Chip Cummings Field

Lots 2, 7, 11, 26 and 28 — signed for faculty and staff parking

Lots 4A, 8, 12, 21 and 27 — signed for off-campus students parking

Lots 18 and 20 — signed for on-campus students parking

Tobacco-restriction signs will be erected in parking lots across campus. 

For more information on the tobacco restriction policy, contact Hartman at 518-564-2280.

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