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Career Development Center Makes Virtual Resources Available to Students, Grads

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The SUNY Plattsburgh Career Development Center has created a slate of virtual offerings to help graduates and current students.

Starting today, June 1, the center has launched Job Search Boot Camp, a weekly Zoom session featuring such topics as resume and cover letter development, job search strategy, SUNY Plattsburgh resources, networking, interviewing, and salary, benefits and negotiations.

Tobi Hay, center director, said the five-week boot camp series will be held twice this summer and is set up through Handshake, the CDC’s student portal for on- and off-campus employment, internships and resources.

“We reached out to members of the Class of 2020 and 2021 and have several students and grads already signed up for each of the sessions,” Hay said. The June 1 session on resume and cover-letter development begins on Zoom at 5 p.m. and can be accessed here: https://app.joinhandshake.com/events/505614.


Another new CDC initiative is connecting students and graduates with what Hay calls “micro-internships.”

“They’re short-term paid virtual experiences that range from five to 40 hours long,” she said. “They’re good resume and skill builders that graduates can do while they search for long-term employment or wait for grad school to begin.”

Hay said they’ve partnered with Parker Dewey, an online company that “acts like a kind of matchmaker between employers who have these micro-internships and students and recent grads.”

“Parker Dewey tries to get as many of these opportunities posted within their website and then partner with colleges like us to get candidates,” Hay said. “We have a landing page on our website branded for us so students can go on and register and browse the openings and projects available and apply for whichever ones they want.”

Variety of Positions Available

Hay said the contract work runs the gamut and pays anywhere between $15 and $25 an hour.

“It might be competitive analysis, market research — any number of things,” she said. “Employers pay Parker Dewey, and Parker Dewey pays our students and recent grads. They’re good resume-building opportunities, good experiences to do while waiting for that career job. We’re one of several SUNY colleges doing this.”

It’s also an opportunity for Cardinal alumni to help future and newly minted alums.

“It’s one thing I like about (Parker Dewey): if you’re an alum of the college and really want to help out SUNY Plattsburgh students, this is a good way to do so,” Hay said. “Maybe you don’t have a full-fledged internship program but you have a short-term project you need help with. Reach out to Parker Dewey to post to our website. If you’re an employer, you can go in and hire a SUNY Plattsburgh student.”

Virtual Transition Smooth

With COVID-19 forcing many offices and departments to go virtual, Hay said the transition for the center was fairly smooth.

“We’re used to doing virtual appointments,” she said. “Most had been done remotely anyway — over the phone. Now they’re more likely done over Zoom. That’s one way this (social distancing) experience has brought us forward. We’re all very comfortable on Zoom now and value the connection when you can see the person.”

The pandemic did throw a wrench in the center’s plan to off an in-person mini-conference called #Adulting, which included such topics as finding an apartment, financial literacy for new graduates, using staffing agencies in job searches, and more.

“When we all went home mid-March, we offered most of the workshops from #Adulting through
Zoom,” Hay said. If students and alumni missed the virtual Zoom sessions, they can still benefit from the experience.

“We recorded them, and now they’re available on our website,” Hay said.

To discuss these programs or any of the opportunities found within the Career Development Center, visit https://www.plattsburgh.edu/plattslife/careers/index.html or email [email protected].

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