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Camp Cardinal Brings the Fun of Summer Safari Back to Campus

burghy reads in treeAfter a seven-year hiatus, College Auxiliary Services at SUNY Plattsburgh is bringing back its summer enrichment program featuring classes for children ages 5 through 17, beginning with the first session July 8-12.

Formerly known as Summer Safari, the reimagined program has been renamed Camp Cardinal, giving a nod to the university’s loveable mascot, Burghy, as well as the idea that this experience is more like going to a camp than summer school.

Divided into three sessions, including July 15-19 and 22-26, Camp Cardinal features offerings in art, science and math, biology, cooking and gardening, among dozens more.

“Our mission is to provide safe summer programs for youth with hands-on learning in all different topics,” said Amanda Prenoveau, director of marketing and events at CAS.

“Camp Cardinal is a great way to find your child’s interests. With the many topics offered, children can try something new for a week and discover what they enjoy."

Class titles include:

  • Little Art Explorers 2-D and 3-D Safari
  • Magic School Bus
  • Green Thumb Gardening
  • Tiny Adventures: Exploring the Microbes Around Us
  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • North Country Writers United creative writing camp
  • Beyond the Sky
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Drawing with Charcoal and Pastel
  • Spy Camp

amanda prenoveau cas Prenoveau is no stranger to the concept of Camp Cardinal. As a child, she participated in Summer Safari.

“Camp Med was my favorite and the most memorable class I attended,” she said. “It was a partnership with CVPH and the class was at the hospital. We learned the inner workings of a hospital and how to be prepared for first aid.

“Although this summer we started out small and have Camp Cardinal only on the campus this year, I do envision growing the program each year and forming those community organization partnerships again.”

Prenoveau said they decided to revive the program, complete with new name, because there was a call for it.

“We received many phone calls and messages about bringing back the program,” she said. “These types of programs are very important for the community.”

Registration for any of the Camp Cardinal sessions ends June 16. To register and for a full listing of classes being offered by age range during each of the three sessions, visit https://www.plattsburgh.edu/about/college-auxiliary-services/camp-cardinal.html. For more information, contact Prenoveau at 518-564-3054 or email [email protected].

— By Associate Director of Communications Gerianne Downs

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