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Busy Construction Season at SUNY Plattsburgh

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Anyone who has driven through the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh lately can attest to the numerous construction projects underway on campus.

The largest construction project is the work on the replacement of the College's primary electrical distribution system. The need for an updated system became clear about three years ago when an 18-hour blackout affected the College during finals week in December 2003. 

The first phase of construction involves digging a three-foot by four-foot continuous trench throughout campus and installing conduit. Reinforcing steel rods are then attached and concrete is poured on top to form a solid duct bank. New manholes specifically for the new electrical distribution system are also being installed throughout campus.

During the winter, phase two will begin. The project moves inside where workers will prepare campus buildings for conversion to the new system. Next spring, the City of Plattsburgh will install the new transformer near the College's Field House, and final installation of the electrical cables through the new conduit will follow soon after. The new transformer should alleviate future blackouts on campus and in the west end of the city.

This has been a community-wide project involving the City of Plattsburgh, the school district, Temple Beth Israel and the College.

"I could not be more pleased with the cooperation we have received all along as we worked our way through logistical, safety and aesthetic concerns," said President John Ettling.

Other construction projects on campus this summer have included work at the Field House, elevator rehabilitation in various buildings on campus and sprucing up Yokum Hall.

More handicapped parking spaces were added in front of the Field House, updated lighting was installed and new exterior staircases leading out of the Ronald B. Stafford Ice Arena were completed.

Work on nine elevators on campus, including two in Kehoe, began this summer. The elevators are being replaced or rehabilitated due to updated state building and ADA codes.

Work in Yokum Hall included the installation of new ceilings and lights in all hallways, removing and replacing asbestos tile floors, repairing hallway walls and updating technology in the classrooms.

Work has also started at a site for two new storage facilities behind Sibley Hall. The 40 x 240 foot buildings will hold materials currently stored in the old hospital behind the Angell College Center. Due to fire safety codes, the old hospital is set to be torn down as soon as next summer. Currently, plans call for building only one of the storage facilities. The second one will be built as soon as the need arises.

Other projects include the replacement of the heating and air conditioning system in the Kehoe Building, replacing a garage lift in the maintenance and operations area and replacing one of four boilers at the central heating plant on campus.

Funding for these construction projects comes from the capital construction plan approved by the State Legislator. SUNY Plattsburgh is currently in the third year of its five-year, $45 million capital plan. The construction plan is primarily for critical maintenance of state buildings.  

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