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Undergraduate Admissions Forms

Freshman and Transfer Admissions Forms

Are you a transfer student looking to register for your courses?

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Deferral Application

The deferral application needs to be completed for any undergraduate domestic student wishing to have their application moved to a different semester for admissions consideration.

Application Fee Waivers

Students meeting certain financial criteria may be eligible to have their application fee waived. To be considered, students must fill out one of the forms below for consideration.

Gap Information

Students with chronological gaps in their academic history will need to fill out this form for admissions review. For freshmen, a gap is defined as taking time off between high school graduation and the start of college (excluding the summer after your graduate). For transfers, a gap would include taking time off in between attending colleges (excluding summer and winter semesters).

SUNY Supplemental Application for Freshmen

If you have applied through the SUNY Application, you are strongly encouraged to submit the SUNY Supplemental Application for Freshmen.

Supplemental Application Form can be completed by logging into your SUNY account.

Log Into Your SUNY Account

Freshman With College Credit Worksheet Directions

If you have earned college credit while in high school, you will need to complete the Freshman with College Credit worksheet through your MyPlattsburgh account. This worksheet is used for course advisement during your summer orientation. Final, official transcripts from all colleges and/or score reports are still required to officially transfer credit.

EOP Non-Taxable Income Verification

The non-taxable income verification form is required of freshman EOP applicants whose families receive partial or total agency funding (such as Public Assistance/Social Service, Social Security, SSI, etc.).

Personal Identification Change

The personal identification change form should be completed when you need to change the name or social security number associated with your account. This form should also be used to submit your social security number if you didn't do so when originally submitting your application.

Transfer Admissions Forms

Request for Mid-Term Grades

In some cases, the Admissions Office may request your mid-term grades before reviewing your application for admission. If your college produces mid-term grades, simply print them out and staple them to this form. If not, please have your professors list your grades and sign their names on the form. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed for admission.

Course Registration Options & Chairs and Department Contacts List

Find out who your academic department chair is for course registration purposes or questions. View the specific dates of the main and branch campus orientation sessions and course registration options.

EOP Transfer Checklist

Transfer students applying to Plattsburgh's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) should review the EOP Transfer Checklist carefully, as it details the documents needed to gain admission as an EOP student. Transfer admission into EOP is reserved for those students who were previously enrolled in an EOP-type program (such as EOP, HEOP, SEEK, or College Discovery).

EOP Transfer Verification

Transfer students who are interested in participating in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) must complete the transfer verification form. This form must be completed by the appropriate official(s) at the student's first college attended.

SUNY Student Transfer Appeal Process

The SUNY Student Transfer Appeal Process is designed for any student in a SUNY associate degree program who does not agree with the decision of the college regarding acceptance and/or placement of credit earned elsewhere within SUNY. Completing this form will initialize the appeal process.

Readmission Forms

Readmission Application

Students who have previously matriculated and wish to re-enroll must apply for readmission using the application below.

Complete Readmission Application

Readmission Fee Waiver

Students interested in having their readmission application fee waived must complete the Readmission Fee Waiver Request Form and upload with supporting documents to the Readmission Application.

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