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Important & Meaningful Work

Human development and family relations prepares you for a career in public and private human service agencies.

Human Development & Family Relations Department

Learn Skills to Improve Quality of Life

We place an emphasis on learning to help individuals and families solve problems related to child development, family relations, aging, nutritional planning for individuals and families and family financial management.

You will benefit from one semester of full-time, supervised field work in a human service agency and you will be prepared for graduate study in a related field.

Program Benefits

  • Four distinct concentrations for flexibility including general lifespan, adolescence, adult development and aging, and child care management.
  • Qualified and caring faculty who work closely with you.
  • Exceptionally strong focus on practical learning and career experience through internship opportunities.
  • You will be eligible for a professional job without a graduate degree.
For those who want to be involved in the helping professions, this is the program to be a part of. The professors encourage hands-on learning and establish a safe space to grow and flourish, in and out of the classroom.
Corey, student
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