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Dr. George Flynn

Professor of Physics

Dr. Flynn was the team leader of the Preliminary Examination Team doing chemical analysis for Project Stardust.

Project Stardust resulted in the capture and return to earth of comet particles. These particles could be more than 4 billion years old, and when chemically analyzed will hopefully provide clues to the origin of the earth and other planets of the solar system.

Dr. Flynn has a long history of studying the chemistry of meteorite and cosmic dust samples, and is considered a world-class expert in this field. He often travels to Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island to conduct research, and takes students along to help him in his research.

When not trying to unlock the secrets of the solar system, George can often be found wandering with his camera. An avid photographer, George particularly enjoys photographing landscapes and butterflies.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. in Physics, Washington University, 1982
    • M.S. in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973
    • B.S. in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973
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