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Please note: Honors Program students may register for one honors course per semester. 

Spring Semester 2023

Seminar Descriptions

  • HON 115HA — Queer Theatre
    • Beth Glover
    • TR 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
    • 3 credits

    From Mae West to Aziza Barnes, this course will explore the historical, aesthetic, and political aspects of queer theatre and performance. We will explore this through the following set of interrelated questions: Is queer theatre and performance inherently political? When did queer theatre and performance become mainstream? Or is it?

    In addition to queer plays, films, performance art, and television shows will also be examined to answer these questions. We will consider the stereotypical and groundbreaking portrayals of queer people, themes of homophobia, self-hatred, acceptance, AIDS, and familial interaction, all within the heteronormative society.

    GE Category: Humanities (Matriculation before Fall 2021)

    CC Category: Individual Expression (Matriculation beginning Fall 2021)

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