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Please note: Honors Program students may register for one honors course per semester.

Fall Semester 2019

  • HON 111HA — Environmental Ethics
    • Dr. James Liszka
    • MW 2 – 3:15
    • 3 Credits

    This will be a seminar in the humanities. The course will be discussion focused, using a variety of techniques, including case studies and current issues on the environment. The course concerns the emergence of environmental thought in America, and how it changes in the face of a number of environmental crises. These will include the denuding of the great Eastern forests, the waste of natural resources during the industrial revolution, the loss of wilderness and the threats to special natural places, pollution, extinction of species, and climate change. The course will examine the different environmental philosophies that emerge and the ethical theories that represent them, all in the context of these crises. Textual material will include original thinkers, as well as current commentary.

    There will be two important writing assignments. The case studies will test the student’s skills in making a case on an ethical and environmental issue to a wide, public audience. The case studies will involve real-life situations, some of which are currently debated. Students will also be required to complete a research paper on a topic concerning environmental philosophy or ethical issues.

    The course can be viewed as interdisciplinary in nature. Besides a discussion of environmental ethics and philosophies, these will be set in their historical context. Topics will also involve issues of social justice, and a scientific understanding of certain environmental issues, such as climate change will be employed.

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