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Administration & Finance Strategic Plan & Annual Report

Learn about the strategic direction of the Division of Administration and Finance.

Annual Report

Departments within our division compiled their most significant accomplishments throughout fiscal year 2022-23. We invite you to read our 2023 Annual Report.

Strategic Plan

Our 2022 strategic plan closeout has been completed. Last year, we determined that we needed to continue to focus on our division employees through our morale and team building and our retention and staff development goals.

Our second area of strategic direction was related to enhancing the services we provide to our campus. Two areas of focus were e-procurement and student financial services.

Our last two areas of strategic direction were exciting opportunities to highlight and enhance our support for faculty research and our overall campus sustainability programs. 

Read the 2022 Strategic Plan Closeout

2022 Strategic Directions

The Teams

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Past Plan Summaries

In Winter 2019, our division met to develop our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. The majority of the plan's goals were met by September 2021. 

2018-2019 Strategic Plan

  • In Fall 2017, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle identified the need for a new division-wide strategic plan.
  • To gather information for this plan, a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis was conducted in October and November 2017.
  • Results of this analysis identified four strategic directions to improve the division:
    • Communication
    • Efficiencies through technology, space utilization, and use of facilities
    • Morale and Teambuilding
    • Retention and Development of Current Employees
  • A strategic planning retreat was held in February 2018 involving representation from all administration and finance departments. At this retreat, new mission, vision, and values were crafted; teams were identified to review the four areas above; and preliminary work plans were developed.
  • In March and April 2018, the teams met to finalize the work plans and begin implementation of the new goals for 2018-2019.
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