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Assistive Equipment Inventory



Examples of Assistive Equipment Available at Adirondack Regional Technology Center

Item Quantity
Portable Ramps - One pair, track-style, collapsible to 41" long. Weighs approximately 17 lbs. each 1
Tub Chairs - Styles with and without backs 4
Tub Transfer Benches 5
Adult Walkers - Styles with or without wheels. One rollator available with brakes and seat 8
Walker Baskets - Small basket that attaches to the front of the walker for toting items 2
Hemi - walkers 2
Trapeze Bar - Attaches to the head of the bed frame 1
Bed Cane (bed rail) 1
Wheelchairs - Standard, manual styles. One transport chair 4
Commodes - Standard, with arms. For bedside, or over the toilet use 4
Elevated Toilet Seats - Styles with or without arms. Some styles have locking devices 7
Toilet Safety Frame 2
Shampoo - Aide Tray 1
Hand-held Portable Shower Head 1
Reachers/Grabbers (variety of sizes and grips) 5
Sock-Aide (Hard and Soft Styles)-Aides in pulling on socks 4
Long Shoe Horn (variety of sizes) 4
Portable Bathtub Grab Bar 1
Transfer Board (Adult size) 1
Youth Walker 2
Youth Crutches 1
Giant Push-Button Telephone Adapter 1
TimePAD - Compact alarm, timer with 5 recordable messages 1
Photo Phone - Programmable telephone with large buttons where photos can be placed. Good for the memory impaired. 1
Adult Crutches 2
Pocketalker Pro - Pocket-sized portable amplifier, comes with ear phones, adjustable volume control, pouch with a belt clip 1
Amplified Phones - Phones with adjustable amplification, for the hearing impaired 2
Super Phone - Ringer 1
Call Alert 2
Portable Telephone Amplifier - Portable amplifier that can be attached to a telephone handset 1
Giant Calendar Clock 1
Cheaptalk (4A In Line) Communicator - 4 voice-recordable plates 1
4 Compartment w/Speech 1
Visually Impaired Busy-Box - Busy-box for the hearing impaired child. Pull cord activates a fan, switch activated radio, and vibrating pad. Textured surfaces provide tactile stimulation 2
Adapted Poodle - switch activated toy that jumps and barks on demand 1
Adapted Frog - Switch activated toy that jumps and makes noise 1
Adapted Bear - Switch activated toy that moves and growls 1
Junior Trampoline - w/bar 1
Touch’n crawl - Baby Goofy 1
Sensory Motivational Center 1
Inflatable Playable Center 1
Rifton Corner Chair (small) 1
Rifton Corner Chair (medium) 1
Tumbleforms Feeder Seat (small) 1
Tumbleforms Feeder Seat (medium) 1
Prone Stander (small) 1
Gait Trainer (2 sizes available) 3
Supine Stander (small) 1
Columbia Bath Seat 1
Blue Wave Bath Seat 1
Tumbleforms Pre-School Carrie Set 1
Tumbleforms Tadpole Positioning System 1
Side-Layer Toy 1
Ding-Dong Bell House 2
Knob Puzzle Set 1
Electric Bubble Machine 1
Foam Activity Center 1
Physio-Roll (small) 1
Mini Fruit Fans (switch activated) 2
Switches - A variety of styles and sizes. Big Mack, Big Red, Cordless Big Mack, Soft Switch, Vibrating, Jelly Bean, Spec, Double Plate, Vertical Plate  
Small Appliance Receiver (For use with cordless Big Mack) 1


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