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CAP Student Profiles

Meet a few of the current students in the Cardinal Achievement Program.

Student Profiles

domAyla Chavez

  • Hometown: Stillwater, New York
  • Class: Junior
  • Major: Adolescence education (history)
  • Campus Involvement: I work in the Student Support Services (SSS) office which has offered amazing opportunities, and given me the chance to make friends!

“CAP has been beneficial to me through the usage of my CAP advisor. She is amazing at helping me with almost anything which is an amazing resource to have as a first-generation student trying to navigate college.”

Riley Godfrey

  • Hometown: Long Island, New York
  • Class: Junior
  • Major: Hospitality management
  • Campus Involvement: Delta Phi Epsilon sorority and I work in the Student Support Services (SSS) office as a peer mentor, peer tutor and office assistant. 

“CAP has been very beneficial to me in the way that I know all of the advisors are willing to take the time to speak with me whenever they can. Last semester, I struggled a lot with time management skills and my advisor was a great resource for me. I was able to meet with her at least once a week and discuss skills to help me manage my work load better. I also appreciate that all of the advisors always send emails letting us know they are available to talk, and every time I see an advisor on campus they always stop just to ask how things are going.”

Damien Hunter

  • Hometown: Hampton, Virginia
  • Class: Senior
  • Major: Accounting

“CAP has been beneficial in many ways from the study hours, to being able to schedule meetings about any specific issues I have. CAP allowed me to transition to college easily and always supports me.”

Shaday Jackson

  • Hometown: Poughkeepsie, New York
  • Class: First-Year
  • Major: Psychology

“I love this CAP program — I would tell anyone to join. The transition from high school to college wasn’t easy at all. This program helped me a lot. Just seeing my advisor for a few months already, I’ve gotten better with time management, confirming what I want to be and even giving me advice when I’m down. I’ve received so much love in such a short time and I couldn’t be happier. Every time it comes to making schedules, my advisor is right there, she gets me right on track with no worries. My advisor even helped me make friends, she made sure I attended all the events, and any clubs I was looking into and told me to “go, go, go.” Transitioning from high school to college while having a program where they want to see me reach far, brings tears to my eyes.”

Giselle Melchor

  • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Major: TV-video production

“Being a part of this program has taught me so much and has been helpful when transitioning from high school to college. I was able to learn new skills when it comes to studying for tests and taking down notes during classes. One thing that has helped a lot is planning what to do within my schedule, as I am a working student on campus, like when to do homework or when to study for any upcoming tests or exams, or even when to just take a small break for myself. I have learned all the small helpful benefits that I get as a student, like visiting and using the Learning Center and seeing where I can go if I need help in writing or fixing my resume for when applying to jobs. I learned about study abroad, where I get to travel the world, and go to school in a new country for a semester. Knowing where all the resources offices are has helped a lot during my time as a full-time student here at SUNY Plattsburgh. I never thought I would be able to handle the amount of work and school time that is needed to fulfill my degree since learning that I have learning disability. I have always felt like I would never completely understand what my professors were teaching me, and I always remember that one teacher who didn’t believe that I could get very far during my education journey. Now with this program, I have so much support from people who want to see me succeed in life and who wish me well.“ 

arielAriel Sookram

  • Hometown: Queens, New York
  • Class: Junior
  • Major: Criminal justice
  • Campus Involvement: Criminal Justice Club

“Being a part of the Cardinal Achievement Program has been a huge benefit to me throughout my college experience. From this program, I gained the help to adapt from high school to college while connecting with many new people while getting involved on campus. Academic coaching with my advisor has also played a significant role helping balance out my classes by giving me advice on studying tips, internships research, and helping plan my future class schedules. Having academic coaching is something I am very thankful for as it allowed me to build a bond with my advisor who is supportive and keeps me on track with my academics. My college experience has grown as I got the chance to network with different people and become a teacher assistant for CLP101 and a peer mentor working with first-year students. I am grateful to be in this program and to have the support I gained from it.”

kevinKevin Tabb

  • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
  • Class: Junior
  • Major: Criminal justice
  • Campus Involvement: Men’s Basketball Team

“CAP is a great program, it makes sure you are on top of your school work. If you go there to ask a question, they will have all the resources provided for you there. If you are feeling down, the staff members will lighten and brighten up your day.”

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