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Zombie Defense League Hosts Humans vs. Zombies Tournament Oct. 22-25

Humans will need to beware of the undead at SUNY Plattsburgh this week.

From Oct. 22 to Oct. 25, zombies and humans will be pitted against each other in a campus-wide tournament hosted by the college’s Zombie Defense League. The outdoor tournament is open to all students, faculty and staff who registered.

With humans wearing red bandanas on their arms and zombies wearing red bandanas on their heads, competitors will work to ‘stun’ or ‘infect’ their opponents by tagging them with socks. To keep participants from hiding from their opponents throughout the week, all will be required to take part in nightly missions on campus.

According to Jimmy Burdick and Meghan Fitzgerald, co-presidents of the Zombie Defense League, the Humans vs. Zombies tournament has taken place on college campuses for years.

“We’ve both always wanted to play, but no one has ever organized it,” Fitzgerald said. “We figured we’d do it ourselves.”

The tournament will be the second campus event hosted by the Zombie Defense League this month. The club co-hosted the fourth annual Zombie Walk and Prom with the ROTA Gallery Saturday, Oct. 13.

“It’s just one of those fun things if you’re OK with dressing up like a zombie and walking downtown with 300 other people on a Saturday night,” Burdick said.

The Zombie Defense League hopes for the Humans vs. Zombies tournament to be just as successful.

Dr. Becky Kasper, director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and adviser to the Zombie Defense League, wants the tournament to bring a sense of community to the campus and provide a way for students to enjoy themselves. “I want students to be able to have balanced lives in which they work and study hard and then let loose in a safe and invigorating way,” she said.

Burdick and Fitzgerald already have predictions about the tournament’s winner.

“I don’t think the zombies will get everyone,” Burdick said. “I think there will be faculty who hide in their offices or students who sign up and decide they’re not interested.”

“Or are just really good at running, “ Fitzgerald added.

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