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Uniting the Campus Through Causes and a Size 20XL T-shirt

SUNY Plattsburgh students have named Thursday, April 26, “Wear a Cause Day.” 

This daylong effort is designed to bring attention to the causes students care about and the support that students offer them as students wear T-shirts representing those causes.

As part of this event, from 3 to 5 p.m. on the same day, a size 20 XL t-shirt will be available for students to sign, letting everyone know why they love Plattsburgh. The shirt can fit approximately six to seven people at once, and a photographer and videographer will be on hand to take pictures of various groups wearing the T-shirt. 

The day will culminate in the framing of the signed t-shirt.

This event is a collaborative effort among numerous organizations including Greek life and campus clubs.

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