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Turkish Delegation Visits SUNY Plattsburgh

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ A delegation from Sakarya University in Turkey recently visited the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh to discuss a possible student exchange program.

The Turkish Delegation with two of SUNY Plattsburgh's Student Ambassadors The group included Dr. Mehmet Durman, president of Sakarya University; Dr. Ugur Celtekligil, professor and chair of the electrical machines division in the Engineering and Electronics Department; Dr. Mehmet Ali Yalcin, dean of the faculty of engineering; and Dr. Zafer Demir, general secretary of Sakarya University.

"It was my pleasure to greet the delegation from Turkey and to welcome them to our campus," said Dr. John Ettling, president of SUNY Plattsburgh. "It was nice to see them again and to have the opportunity to show them our College and its students, faculty and staff."

Ettling and his wife, Lisa Lewis, adjunct lecturer of English, visited Sakarya University last winter and held meetings with college officials on the Turkish campus.

While here, the Turkish delegation met with faculty in the School of Business and Economics and the Computer Science Department. The group also received a tour of SUNY Plattsburgh and had the opportunity to meet with administrators and faculty from across campus.

The visit was part of an ongoing partnership between SUNY Plattsburgh and Sakarya University. The two institutions are investigating student exchange opportunities for Turkish students to come to Plattsburgh. These students would learn and study English, possibly during their summer break, which begins the first of July and ends in late September.

Talks were also held about students from Sakarya taking business or computer science courses, perhaps for up to one year, at SUNY Plattsburgh. These students would get credit toward completion of their programs at Sakarya.

"The delegation was here to gain greater familiarity with us as a campus," said Dr. Robert Golden, provost and vice president for academic affairs. "They were impressed with our campus as a potential academic home for some of their students."

Golden continued, "During their visit, the delegation explored possible programs in English as a Second Language as well as programs in computer science, business, and hotel, restaurant and tourism management."

According to Golden, the Turkish delegation indicated that they were impressed by the beauty of the Adirondack and Lake Champlain region, the appearance and friendliness of the campus and the support services available for students.

"The partnership is good for us since it offers one more avenue to attract highly qualified international students to Plattsburgh," said Golden. "The program is good for Sakarya University since it offers their students an opportunity to improve their mastery of English and to become familiar with the United States while also developing their expertise in the area of their major."
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