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"Rock The Vote" Comes to Plattsburgh State Aug. 22

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ As part of its college tour following last week's Democratic National Convention in Boston and preceding the Republican National Convention in New York City in September, the Rock The Vote (RTV) Tour Bus will visit the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh on Sunday, Aug. 22 beginning at 11 a.m. 

Rock the Vote Tour Bus The Tour Bus will be located between Champlain Valley Hall and the Angel College Center on Rugar Street. 

RTV will setup a registration booth to register voters while on the Plattsburgh State campus. The organization also aims to educate student voters and to focus media and politician attention on young voters.  There will be a mini stage and musical performances throughout the afternoon.

Michael Cashman, Student Association vice president for academics and campus chair of the RTV project, is very optimistic about the inclusion of Plattsburgh State as part of the RTV tour.

"Our Student Association is looking forward to the national attention the RTV will bring to our campus," said Cashman. "We also anticipate an increase in local energy from our young voters."
Cashman hopes that the RTV activities will leave a lasting impression on SUNY Plattsburgh students.

"This event is only one among many that we hope will encourage students to participate in the political process. Even in our own Student Association elections, we seek to find ways to engage students."
Rock The Vote is a non-profit organization geared at protecting freedom of expression and encouraging young people to engage in political and civic activities. Members of the recording industry started the organization in 1990.

To date, RTV has registered over three million young people and has established many campaigns in order to provide information for prospective young voters.
For more information on the Rock The Vote visit to SUNY Plattsburgh, contact Michael Cashman at 518-564-4846, email [email protected] or on the Web at http://organizations.plattsburgh.edu/sa/

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